Thursday, 19 February 2015

Praetorian Commissar with Powerfist

I present one usually painted commissar! I tried to use the colours that are standard across my Praetorians such as yellow trim and cuffs, dark blue trousers with a red stripe, and plenty of red all round to try and make him fit with the army but still have enough black to look like his rank.

Here's one of his back so you can see a bit more powerfist and sword detail.
I chose the model as I love the pose and the details and weapons are a nice nod to the old praetorian commissar model I have knocking around somewhere. Also I dislike the new plastic model as he looks like a pirate... and he has a chain from his weapon to his lapel. HIS LAPEL!
Sorry for the slightly blurry images. My camera just won't behave!

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