Monday, 16 February 2015

Praetorian 500pts Army list for escalation campaign

My friends and I have been planning an escalation campaign for around a year and a half now. It's due to start in March so I'm planning out my armies to ensure I've got the right troops painted in advance as otherwise it might not happen during the campaign and I'll end up in trouble part way through! We've got a good mix of armies included, with two tau, one iron hands, one sisters of battle, one tempestus scions/inquisition, one dark eldar and one craftworld eldar/harlequins (awaiting full releases to find out quite what this will entail!)

The aim is to start with 500pts and increase by 250pts each month after the first. Here is my first 500pts. The aim is to have good lists rather than abusive power gamer lists so we have limits on forgeworld and 30k units. One flier every 1001 pts and a group veto system setup with list submission windows and time for feedback. As a result I chose my guard so I can have some powerful chimera vet action and use my fluffy ratlings, ogryns and the like for entertainment value. I've painted these models up ages ago and rarely do they make it to the table due to their awfulness!

The list contains a command squad in a chimera, two veteran squads in chimeras and three ratling snipers because they're cool.

He's the command squad. I need to think up a suitable name for the well bearded fellow. Its got a lascannon and two plasma guns to take it to tau crisis suits and the like. I've tried to design my squads to be able to have a go at most unit types and this is no exception.

The three ratling snipers. With scout and being able to claim objectives in 7th these chaps might actually not be completely useless for a change. They will probably still spend most of the game hiding and occasionally trying to pull off a unit pin.

Veteran squad one. I need to sort out a base for the autocannon team I realized. They're equipped with an autocannon to deal with long range transports and infantry as well as a melta gun and flamer if they get up close and personal with any targets.

Veteran squad two. Generally I group weapons so three melta or three flamer, however in such a small game I decided to mix them so that my opponents couldn't so easily target the unit and thus the weapons they are weakest against.

Each squad has a chimera, they will be armed with multi lazers and heavy flamers to be able to have a go at anything going. We had previously had an ork and tyranid player so perhaps now heavy bolters would be better but what can you do!

My models are on display here on my friend Arthur's lovely forgeworld board with the GW building kits scattered across which will represent two to three of the urban environments on 3 of the 9 planets we have in the system to play on. Pictures of the amazing campaign map he has had made and the planets backgrounds to come in the future.

Any thoughts, ideas, or advice on the smooth running of campaigns or on my army list would be very welcome!

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