Friday, 14 November 2014

Taurox for Praetorian's

My friends and I are planning a non- astartes campaign. The idea was to be escalation. Its been so long in the cooking up that most people actually have a good 1500pts of models done now but there we are. The plan was to provide an excuse for our gaming group to do a new army that wasn't space marines. All of us have at least one marine army and very few have other armies. I decided this was a great excuse to whip out the praetorians. I'll have to do some group army shots at some point as I've done some more infantry but haven't done photos as I've gone about it. Laid out I've got a good 2000pts plus now. My first 500pts will include two vet squads in chimeras and a command swuad in a chimera, but each increase in points will then be 250pts. This is a bit awkward frankly, so I decided to do two Taurox so I could squeeze in two more vet squads in the points. Heres the latest addition:

The model is a bit disjointed in my opinion (see below) so I wanted to use loads of heavy weathering to try and disguise this. I used the same army painter leather and bone in stripes that I've used across my Imperial Guard army and the same weathering techniques but just did more. I could have picked out more details with metal but didn't really like the pointy details much so wanted them to be less visible. A remarkably quick paintjob really, although the kit is a pain to stick together, it took me about as long to paint it as stick it, a completely new experience for me!

These models are a bit funny frankly, the pointy fleur de lis look a bit chaos to me and I think they'd probably look better with a front wheel and rear track. I've seen a few people do this with Kromlech wheels or similar but I felt the new kit was pricey enough for a unit I probably wont use that much. The front section of the thing is a cool old truck, the rear a super modern flat edged box which really looks more space marine than guard with its crisp lines and flat surfaces. The kit gives you the options to stick your weapons on a turret or on the side, this seems strange as they would obviously act quite differently in game but the codex and the box seem to suggest either is okay. It's all a bit odd to be honest, however having painted one I warmed to it and rather like the thing despite all the above. I put my guns on the turret as it makes it much better in game although I prefer the look without it.
Comments, thoughts and ideas welcome as always!

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