Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Imperial Knight part 3 decals

Here's some more knight action! I finished off the base, by adding turf and weathered the legs. I added some of the impressive decals to my knight. I read the heresy mechanicus book recently and obviously love taranis, although I believe the heraldry was different in the heresy to on the sheet I just used the sheet ones... I like the idea of a knight with ties to the mechanicum and the imperium so my knight has both the cogged skull on his left shoulder and the aquila on his right. Another cog went on his left shin pad and the Taranis cog arrow and yellow portion went on the banner. This suited nicely as I love using yellow as a spot colour on my Blood angels and praetorian guard, and will do more yellow on this guy in the form of hazard stripes on the weapon, so will tie in with my other forces nicely. The shoulder pad decals are a little tricky to place without warping but by cutting between aquila wings and cog teeth it worked out alright! I also silvered the large area under the aquila and its counterpart on the rear,although it needs some weathering to break it up, as well as the exhaust pipes, which will be weathered black smokestains later.
Thoughts and comments welcome as ever!

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