Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Imperial Knight part 2 basing

Here's a quick one with the basing colours done for my knight. I used two layers of dry bone colours and washed black and sepia into different areas I felt would be in shadow and to vary the colour. I painted up the bits of forgeworld resin cut offs to try and give the effect of tank traps that had been savaged by war and the knights toe is smashing through one. I used the dry colours on the knights feet and some of the grey on the toe that's smashing through the concrete between the two bone layers to give a hint of the new dust without it looking too grey compared to the rest of the feet.

The aim was to get the large model to look more integrated with its base as particularly with such a big guy on a pretty flat base I didn't want him to look like he wasn't really there. Thoughts, comments and ideas welcome as always! (The random white blob is a dire avengers helmet plum, I later dry brushed some bone over it to dumb it down as it felt a bit strong!)

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