Wednesday, 18 May 2011

WIP Middenland Greatswords on a budget.

In my recent empire aquisition I recieved a unit of 20 old metal greatswords. Great models. I'll show pics of them later before and after as I want to change details like hat/feather/scroll/skin colours/tones to bring them in line with my army a little more. (Its enough of a mish mash and needs all the tie-ins possible!) I wanted to up the unit to 30 as todays warhammer really rewards you for plonking for a chunkier sized regiment. Plus if I ever manage to play a 6k pts battle itd be nice to have a larger unit to look the part (okay units if you count the reiksguard I'm also doing!).

I imagine many like me were excited when I saw greatswords were coming out in plastic. Especially given the drop in prices on plastic cavalry and elites like black guard and black orcs when they went plastic. I was thus pretty miffed at finding the price of a plastic unit would be the same as an old metal one. Still loyal(/addicted) buyer that I am I decided to use the plastic to my advantage!

The boxed set oddly gives you four sets of spare arms and plenty of spare heads. This isn't quite enough guys for a rank of 5 so I added a couple of empire unit champion two handed swords too. these are compatable with the plastic swordsmen bodies (although you do need to do a little matching of peices before glueing, not every arm/head component set match up due to things like mimpressive beards. By picking out the more armoured bodies this can look quite effective even if you do have different legs. (If you have the really old empire sets these have some leg plate armour pieces you can pop on!) You could of course avoid painting up the legs in a completely different colour like me but I thought they looked better this way. I'll get some pics up to compare with real greatsword models once I've got them repainted (er...don't hold your breath on these I'm trying to paint up 7 chimera's at once atm!).

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