Saturday, 15 January 2011

Vermin Lord Daemon Prince

Page 40 of the Skaven army book has the Vermin Lord Bestiary entry, the picture is ominous and impressive. The metal model however is well... not. Not even a little. Plus i wanted an excuse to buy a new Daemon Prince model, they look sweet and have a few really nice bits on the sprue. Whack out a little green stuff and use all the horns I could find on the sprues:

Please do check out my futher posts on this guy:


  1. Have you included a suitably 'ratty' tail? possibly a little bit of fur round the shoulders too - easily done with GS. Really impressive though! Well done!

  2. At the moment he has the standard tail... now you've said ratty tail I no longer like it.. perhaps a wrap and tail blade? Fur is a grand call... now to go practice some fur! I was thinking furry shoulders, chest and top of the legs?

  3. Very cool! Great idea... I don't like the GW model either...
    Now I just have to add a Daemon Prince to my wishlist, and learn how to GS...

  4. Thanks Ace! Definately give GreenStuffing a go, its surprising how quickly you can improve. I found this to be a great help:
    And there are loads of other tutorials out there for all sorts of things, just google 'green stuff fur tutorial' as an example!
    I found investing in a cheap set of tools was really helpful too, I bought mine from the army painter range, have a play with the different tool ends to get the hang of what each can achieve. Just keep some clean water to hand to keep your tools and fingers moist to stop sticking and finger prints and a piece of tissue to hand to wipe off any bits that do end up sticking or you chop off mid work! I like to get working straight away once I've mixed up the GS, that way you can rip it off the model and start over a good three times or more if your not happy with it!
    Hope this helps and I look forward to seeing some from you soon!