Monday, 3 January 2011

Skaven now?

I like many others went out and bought island of blood, in fact, i bought two. This was perhaps silly as i collected neither army. Low and behold, now im collecting Skaven too, because having yet another army to paint up is a good idea right? Right!

So i was very fortunate to be offereed some more models by a friend hed had someone paint up to a basic standard (sorry i don't know the name or i'd give them a mention). Oh yeah and I've managed to paint them red again...
So I've been busy turning these from this:

To this:

I'm part way through my second regiment of 30 rats. I have to say painting models up from a mainly base coated stage is surprisingly enjoyable and very easy. Similarly with my empire models where I'm simply updating alot of my rank and file models and adding intereting characters to keep it fun. I'd definately recommend that plan alot of us had to crack out an older army and give it an update!

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