Sunday, 16 January 2011

Furry Vermin Lord

So I added some fur:

Here he is again with some paint on:


  1. Mate, awesome! I've just started playing Skaven and had the idea to do the same after seeing the Vermin Lord artwork vs. the Metal Mini.

    That looks great! Might I ask what you used for the head parts? I like the GS Fur you have put on it and the tail bandage is a nice touch.

  2. looking great! 100 times better than GW's metal version. =)

  3. Thanks guys, the head is the one on the Daemon prince sprue with the horns pointing straight up with two horns from one of the other heads stuck on the side. Then a green stuff 'beak' was added that i pulled back into shape and smoothed onto the face. The Hooves are just the Daemon Space marine backpack vent ends swapped out for its feet.

  4. Très Cool!

    Nice bit of custom work there. It's funny, I was looking at the sprue for the DP the other day on our gaming night and I was asking my friend how you fit up the 'hoof' option, he pointed out that they were the back-pack vents.

    Very cool man, I really look forward to seeing it painted up. I'm definitely going to use your great conversion as a guide when I do mine.

  5. Thanks red, no better compliment than that! Can't wait to see your take on it!