Thursday, 22 January 2015

Red planet board plans

I've always wanted to buy some of the forgeworld board tiles ever since they started making them and I've finally given in and bought a few. I recently read Mechanicum and I want a titan legion so badly! This would be silly as I'd spend all my money and then probably never stick or paint them let alone get to use them in a game. So I thought a red planet board was a better idea. It would feel sweet to chuck down my knights on it and have a game with them. (When I er... paint the second and third... or give up and play the one with my guard or BA...). I saw someones blog who used a very nice car paint spray for a great base colour... and if I can find it again I'll copy him... and link him... funtimes.

The plan is to use three realm of battle tiles for the rest. I'd like to have some smaller but taller line of sight blocking terrain for these to contrast the busy but low stuff on these. An imperial sector manufactorum built as a solid building rather than a ruin might fit the bill for one. I also like the idea of a couple of taller rock pieces that could be moved about and tie into the winding canyons in the mechanicum book. These would ideally look like the martian bute pieces the terranscapes boards use (or be them if I can source them). Any thoughts for alternate ideas or easy ways I can get or make some of these rock pieces would be appreciated!

More to come when I get some paint on them.

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