Tuesday, 20 January 2015

More Garden of Morr Regiment filler progress for Empire.

A bit more progress on the last two of my regiment fillers. One for my halberdiers and another that was to be for spearmen... but they're just not as good in game as the halberds I've found so maybe they need a rethink.

Heres the Halberd one...

...with a shot of one of the chaps. Man those white bits on his shoulder look messier close up...

This is the other guy.

I'm not convinced about the direction chap number two is facing but it means it'l be easier to transport without snapping his halberd off so he'll probably stay like that unless he happens to fall off and I feel strongly enough about it.

I love this statue.

It's a gorgeous model.

I might put greatswords on it instead, they're very expensive models, although I believe I already got a bit overzealous and ended up with loads of them after I decided to do some Reiksguard on foot, mainly awaiting paint of course. Given what the statues holding maybe this should have been the swordsmen... oh well!

I might go in and paint the plant up, but it doesn't really look real enough to be painted green and red/similar. Thoughts?
 What guys should I put on it? It would be cool to fill out the set so to speak and have spearmen, of course then it might just sit on the shelf forever. More thoughts?

I'm pleased with how these have come out, One day I might make some more to fill out some dogs of war regiments I own that could do with being a bit larger in the new ruleset. Hope you like them!


  1. The Garden of Morr has to be my favourite GW terrain kit. Really versatile!

    Lovely paint job, particularly on the statue!

    1. Thanks Tony! Its a gorgeous kit and certainly my favourite for fantasy!