Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Imperial Knight part 4 Combat Weapon and head.

HAZARD STRIPES! I love them, I thought about doing them over the top of the main hull or on part of the shoulder pads but with their curved shapes felt this might be a bit ambitious and was so happy with the subtle shading my sprayed on base colours left that I didn't want to mess it up! I actually nearly gave up half way through and took a break before I could face carrying on another day.

Here the stripes have been blocked out and some shading has been done with bloodletter to tint the edges of the sword in orange and into the cracks between armour panels details as well as around rivets. (You can also see I've weathered the hull with chips and scratches as well as added more detail, as well as blacked the exhausts).

I weathered the weapon up using my chip and scratch methods over the flat areas and exposed edges respectively. I added seraphim sepia to the cracks and areas I felt would be in deeper shadow. I also painted the eyes and silvered the piping on the head as well as drybrushed over the head to bring out detail. Most of this will be obscured by the helmet face but its nice to be thorough!

Here's a close up of the other side of the sword arm. The stripes are not perfectly parallel OR of exactly equal size but I did do my best! The weathering helps to hide these imperfections and tie in the different stripe colours particularly where weathering crosses areas of different colours so I'm happy with the general effect. (You can also see some of the basing details, such as the skeletal remains of an emperor's children space marine behind the foot and the large slate piece who helps way down the base.) Thoughts and comments welcome!

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