Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Imperial Knight (Complete!) part 5 Cannon arm and helmet.

Painting is finished! I may go in and use some weathering powders at some point to add more colour to the shadows of this huge model and to tie it into the base more but for now I'm going to give him a little rest time and try and get in a game or two with the beastie. Having had the model knocking around for so long helmetless I actually didn't like it with it on at first but now I'm sold. I think some lights in the eye pieces would work very well for someone who likes doing that sort of thing as the shade means you can't really see inside the helm to the eye lights I painted.

For some reason my camera wanted to focus on his kneecap... might try again sometime!

And here he stands in all his glory. I've never painted anything this big before and it was quite a challenge. I've got another couple of Imperial Knight models to do and would like to buy some of the amazing forgeworld models somewhere down the line but due to the immense time they take having my own knight house isn't going to happen anytime too soon! I want to try and switch up the leg poses on my other two to be a bit more dynamic than this one and so that all three don't look identical! Sadly the kits legs are really lacking in posability which is a shame as the rest of the kit is fantastically mobile. The arms are also swappable so I'll be giving that a go too! Pictures of number two's pose to come! Thoughts and comments welcome. Particularly in regards to powder weathering I might do. I have most of the Forgeworld powders and can buy others. My basing scheme has been this pale earth colour but I'm tempted to go back and red them up for a mechanicum world as I'm very tempted to do a Mars/Industrial red planet board and it would be nice if my army actually fit on it! However... I felt this guy would look better with a pale sand colour rather than rust red dust... help me sort this one out please!

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