Friday, 25 February 2011

Forgeworld Space Marine Crusade, Iron and Heresy Armour comments

So I went a bit crazy recently and hold me a hold of some forgeworld goodies. I've already posted up the Librarian and now heres some comments on the armour types:

First up, heres the crusade armour:

All of the models torsoes are attached to the sprue by their base. This is a little bit of a pain to remove and get smooth to fit on the leg pieces. All sets of arms have one pose that doesn't like to change angle around very much, a little green stuff will help the connection if you want to move them around. Similarly for all armour variants the heads seem not to want to sit up or move around too much, a little greenstuff as a spacer will sort this. I really didn't like the arms on these guys, the elbow pad just didn't look right to me, I think for gloved hands you'd do better to use chaos arms and file of any star points. I used some blood angel arms, which for die hards might seem a shame, but I like the end product!

Iron armour:

These are probably my favorite sculpt. However I did have two reservations: first a minor one, you have to be extra careful removing the flashing from the torsoes with these, they have a long thin front plate that could snap if your not careful. Second a more important problem is that with the way the arm sets line up, normal bolters/melta's/etc. don't fit. I just trimmed my guns down to fit I imagine you could trim and greenstuff the arms to fit better but I got lazy as I'd already stuck them. The inverse of the other sets you get three of the running leg scultps and only two standing in this set, which for my angry BA's was just great!

Heresy Armour:

These guys look delightfully angry! Their right shoulder pads are completely blank. While this isn't wrong it is a tad boring. I used a blood angel pad to tie them into my army instead of the blank pad. Their arms have some nice details but on the right arm this is largely covered by the pad. Alot of the legs had bubbles at the back by the ribbed section. If this is common to this sculpt its an easy enough fix with some greenstuff, I've heard this is common with resin in general, but this is my first experience of it. The Stationary legs seem to be positioned to lean back, I stood them on slate etc. to hide this a little as I felt it looked a bit odd.

I hope none of this puts people off these fantastic sculpts, if your toying with the idea of getting a few definately go for it, just be forewarned they take a little more thought and effort than your average kit to put together. Its a great way to add a little something to your army! Hey an entire army made up of just one of any of these variants would be great, if a wee bit pricey(okay alot pricey!)!


  1. The marine with the thunder hammer looks very dynamic -- a great pose.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the parts that don't fit. And congrats on the models, especially the Heresy armour ones. I like those the best.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Night runner, I'd like to do more stuff where I do more than show off some things I've done, if you or anyone else has any suggestions that they'd like to see then I'll try me best to knock something up!