Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Blood Angels Forge World Librarian

I couldn't resist purchasing some resin anymore, and heres the first painted piece. He started life as a red scorpion for anyone that hasn't seen the model on the forgeworld site, go have a peek, their paint scheme is much better than mine! The scorpion detail on the left shoulder pad was very easy to remove. Resin is quite soft, brittle and flakey for anyone that hasn't had a play with it before. I just painted in a blood drop symbol to replace the scorpion and then popped another blood drop on one of the parchments for good measure. I'll put up some comments about some of the armour variant models I bought soon.

1 comment:

  1. Love the paint job. Well done it looks a great model. I do love the Forge World figures as they are an absolute dream to paint when cleaned up. The only drama with them is the resin makes your colour scheme darker, but thats ok if you like it that way as I do. Great job love to see your other stuff when its done.