Monday, 14 June 2010

Blood Angels Tactical Squad

Here are the last six marines to fill out my first tactical squad. They're made up of some old metal bodies i was given by a friend, and new blood angel parts (except for the melta gunner who is new plastic. These will land by drop pod, or rhino it across the field next to a razorback assault squad so that together they can both shoot things and win combats. This way theyl also both profit from the priests furious charge/ feel no pain that way as a rhino wont fit the priest and the 10 man tact squad (The full 10 are needed if you want the melta and multi melta for ay non-marine players). I'm Still planning on going back to these and finishing off a couple of blood droplet gems that are currently just red but im hurrying to get a 500pt force painted up to use in games. Similarly I wanted to appologise to those who follow to see praetorians, theyl have some more updates soon i promise!


  1. Excellent job with this tactical squad. I like how you based the models as well. Looking forward to seeing your progress with this army.