Thursday, 10 June 2010

Blood Angels Rhino and Airbrushing

Heres my first completed blood angels tank, as youl see at the bottom ive got a few more of these suckers to go. I decided to wack out the arirbush and give them a go on a nice day. I used exactly the same colour stages as for my infantry and then finish them with solar mach hardlining, weathering chips and dirt. I cant recomend getting one enough (although not the GW one, its trash)if your going to be doing alot of vehicles at once. I might try basing some infantry this way too at somepoint.


  1. Nice, I firmly agree in the airbrush for vehicles. One minor critique though, the headlights look odd to me being painted the same color as the rest of the vehicle. I mention it only as you say the tank is complete and I tend to miss a detail like that regularly myself. ^.^

  2. Your totally right, I'd completely forgotten them! I'll sort that out next time I'm waiting for some inks to dry or something. Cheers!