Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Adeptus Arbites and repressor (space marine scouts with elysian forgeworld heads) campaign unit.

Has anyone one looked on ebay for adeptus arbite models recently? Wow they're expensive...

So I decided to use space marine scouts with shotguns and give them elysian heads from forgeworld. The aim was to look sufficiently grim dark and give a nod of the head to Judge Dredd.

I chose a black and grey colour scheme with bright spot colours to draw the eye a little. I wanted to speed paint these guys (complete fail on the repressor in that regard.) and I wanted to try out using my airbrush to zenith highlight these guys to save any painting with a brush before detailing.

I undercoated them in chaos black spray. (Thinking of buying a Vallejo air primer, anyone got any experiences of these? Good colours etc.?) Then used dark grey and light grey from above and on the base with a little sky blue mixed in to the dark grey (to go with my friends city board).

With some bright colours! the red and the yellow on the helmets are my nod to dredd's red rimmed faceplate and gold icon on the helmet.

Weird overhead shot! I added some sponge weathering to their armour and guns but apparently didnt take a shot of them on their own with this... oops.

The repressor. Initaly weathered black with the brass eagles and red guns it seemed a bit bland. Enter the hazard stripes (and the failure to speed paint!). I ended up adding the grey panels to try and help them tie into the arbite infantry as I ended up doing them much lighter than planned in my head.
The dusty weathering is just terminatus stone stippled on with a tank brush.

Front shot. The pretty badly obvious magnets are to attach the dozer blade which I did later.

Together shot

Overhead shot. I added more terminatus stone above where dust might have collected on the tank. The board is a pretty war torn city. Actually the forgeworld urban tiles with ruined buildings in a fenris grey tone.

I took quite alot of shots here...

Dozer blade. I lost my mind and went for more hazard stripes for my meatwagon. I like how it looks alot but it took longer than planned to get done.

The dozer blade in place. I'm really happy with how this came out and I'm looking forward to popping this down in a game soon. Just got to get another 5 Adepts done to fill out the squad... flamers for two of them I think. I wanted to have some variety in poses so was looking for my scout bikers as I know they have a fun 'waving my shotgun around by the grip' arm but I can't seem to find them at present..

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